Belk Astronomical Observatory

Belk Astronomical ObservatoryThe Belk Astronomical Observatory sits at one of the highest points on the Claytor Nature Study Center property (approximately 960 feet above sea level).

The observatory features a 177-square-foot dome housing the primary telescope, an observation deck equipped with twelve piers for mounting smaller telescopes, and a single-story, five-room structure with an insulated control room.

The opportunity for astronomical study and night sky viewing is appreciated by the College community, local schools, and the public.

The observatory was named after former state senator Irwin Belk of Charlotte, N.C., for his contributions to the project.

Public Open House

Want to visit the observatory and see the night sky? Attend one of our monthly, public open houses!

Free, but required, tickets are available starting at 6 p.m. on the first of each month.

See the public open house page for details and times.