An internship can lead to a job after graduation.

In Communication Studies, internships are a vital, integral component of the major. Up to 6 semester hours in internships and/or independent-study credit may be applied to the major.

To qualify for an internship, you must be a junior with at least a 2.25 GPA.

You could intern at local television and radio stations, public relations and advertising firms, non-profit organizations, hospitals, governmental organizations, offices within the College, and local industries.

You might also find summer internship opportunities in your hometown.

Student intern mid-point self evaluation form

Other opportunities that offer you “real-world” experience:

Internship Tips

  • An internship can build a network
  • Don’t be intimidated because you are a student – talk to people!
  • Take the initiative to introduce yourself to everyone you meet
  • Show enthusiasm and motivation
  • Ask for things to do; taking initiative is a great way to stand out
  • Read – newsletters, websites – to become informed about business aspects
  • Keep in touch after the internship

Find an internship online:

Examples of High-Ranking Public Relations Firms