Museum Studies Minor

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What Will I Study?

Museum Studies is an exciting and active minor. You'll learn by doing: visiting museums and historic sites during a study abroad experience, joining an archeological dig, curating an exhibition at LC's Daura Gallery, or gaining real-life knowledge at the Ramsey-Freer Herbarium and Historic Sandusky.

What Kinds of Museums Are There?

There are museums that collect and exhibit everything - museums for art, history, historic buildings, natural history, science and technology. There are sports halls-of-fame, aquariums, botanical gardens, and zoos. There are even mustard museums and circus museums. You'll find a museum for you!

Where are Some of Our Graduates Now?

  • National Park Service
  • Phillips Collection
  • Newseum
  • U.S. Army Center for Military History
  • Fort Ticonderoga
  • State Museum of Pennsylvania
  • Amazement Square Rightmere Children's Museum
  • History Museum of Western Virginia
  • Virginia Air and Space Center

Graduate Schools LC Museum Studies Graduates Have Attended

  • The George Washington University
  • Georgetown University
  • University of Leicester
  • University of Durham
  • Rice University
  • Salem State University
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Northern Colorado State University

What Graduates Say

The courses in the Museum Studies program allow you to understand more of what museums do and the impact they have on society.
Jennifer Shanks ‘13
Museum Studies has a hand in every field; you just have to find it.
Carley Dobson '13

Boundaries exhibit Museum Studies students plant narcissus bulbs as part of the interactive exhibit Boundaries