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Red Chair Blogs

Holy MOLY! : Musings, Observations, Learnings & Yearnings: Reflections from the Chaplain's Office about the Sacred as Well as the Secular in Our Midst

Rants from the Gnarly Beard : John Eccles, vice president and dean for student development at Lynchburg College, uses humor to build community, keep students thinking about how to be safe, and encourage engagement.

Ruth OldsRed Goes Green : Ruth Olds ’14 is an environmental studies major at Lynchburg College. A Lynchburg native, Ruth is considering a career in forestry.

Star Struck : Neal Sumerlin, Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Belk Observatory at Lynchburg College.

Taking Care of Business : Joe Turek, PhD, is Dean of the School of Business and Economics (SOBE) and blogs on the topics of business and economics and all things SOBE.

Eric GoffMaking Sport of Physics : Eric Goff, PhD, Professor of Physics at Lynchburg College, writes about the physics of sports.

Paul SterneRed Wolf Tales : Paul Sterne, MEd, Coordinator of the Outdoor Leadership Program at Lynchburg College


Red Swarm Blogs

In the Paint : LC women's head basketball coach Abby Pyzik '04 begins the second season at her alma mater, brimming with enthusiasm.

The L : Steve Koudelka has established the men's lacrosse program as a national powerhouse. Under his tenure, the Hornets have advanced to the NCAA Tournament four times in the last seven years.