What If I’m Undecided?

Unsure of your major? You’re not alone. National data show that three out of every four students are unsure of their major, and over half of all students who enter college with a major in mind will change before they graduate. At Lynchburg College, our data on undecided students is right in line with these national figures.

We encourage students exploring their options to take the time necessary to investigate majors and careers. Meet with the professional staff in Academic and Career Services individually – we will help you with the process of discovering how your interests, abilities and values match with majors, minors, and career paths. You can also explore on your own with the resources within the Academic and Career Services Center or online.

In addition to working with individual students, Academic and Career Services offers major and career exploration fairs, career exploration classes, workshops, a resource library as well as many online resources including interest and personality testing, which support the decision-making process. Some of the online resources include:

My Majors.com
Career Converter