Campus Jobs: Academic Year

Campus jobs are usually filled at the beginning of the fall semester, but positions may be open year-round.

Current students (except seniors) can access a list of jobs that are available currently on Hornet Headquarters (log-in required).

For more information, please email .

Positions are filled using the following priority system:

  1. Full-time students receiving a work-study award as part of their financial package.
  2. Full-time students not receiving a federal work-study award.
  3. Part-time students.
  4. Adult (students 25 years and older) and graduate students.

If you did not receive a work-study award but wish to work, you are encouraged to complete an application and be placed on a waiting list to receive updates in October.

Application Tips

  • Once you’ve filled out an application, you will receive updates concerning vacancies via email with the subject line: “Student Employment Opportunity.”
  • Apply for multiple positions. Continue to apply for positions until you receive a job offer – it is not unusual for one student to apply for 10 positions.
  • Make sure that your contact information is updated on your application.
  • Apply for positions within the first 24 hours of receiving an email about the posted position.
  • Student Employment will forward applications to departments.

Interviewing/Hiring Process

  • Be proactive. Once you have received a confirmation email that your application has been sent to the hiring department, feel free to call them.
  • Respond to calls or emails for interviews immediately. If you do not respond within two working days, employing departments may move on to other candidates.
  • Prepare for the interview and dress appropriately.
  • All students may not be contacted or interviewed. The hiring department will select which applicants they will contact and interview.