LC LEADS is the Lynchburg College Leadership Engagement and Development Series, which consists of an Emerging Leaders Retreat, Anderson Leadership Conference and the Leadership Awards Ceremony.

Check out the student-run LC LEADS blog, and see the event photos on Flickr.

Emerging Leaders Retreat

A 3-day retreat that preps you to take on a leadership role or strengthens your skills in your current role.

The student leader hosts will help you:

  • Identify & Recognize your strengths, skills & potential
  • Strengthen your leadership & team building skills
  • Learn how to apply your goals & talents to succeed in the classroom, on campus, & in the community
  • Communicate & listen effectively to others
  • Engage in service

Anderson Leadership Conference

The Anderson Leadership Conference is made possible by an endowment established in 1990 by Crantford V. “Andy” Anderson, Jr. and his wife, Jeri, in memory of their son, Chip, a 1985 graduate of Lynchburg College.

The endowment provides funding for activities that foster leadership among high school and college students.

The conference is open to all faculty, students, and staff at LC and surrounding colleges for a day of learning about leadership.

Leadership Awards Ceremony

The annual Leadership Awards Ceremony recognizes the leadership of students in the past academic year.

Upcoming Events
Spring 2014

Emerging Leaders Retreat
Jan. 13-15

Anderson Leadership Conference
Saturday, Feb. 8
Schewel Hall