Honors colloquia are interdisciplinary courses taught by a select group of Lynchburg College faculty.

Designed expressly for students in the Westover Honors Program, the colloquia explore fundamental social, philosophical, artistic, and scientific issues.

Recent colloquia include:

  • From Mohawks to Faux Hawks: The McDonaldization of the Music of Cultural Resistance
  • Does Beauty Matter?
  • Feed Me: The Ecology and Economics of Modern Agriculture in the United States
  • 1968
  • Sport in Contemporary American Culture
  • Couscous & Paella (with Study Abroad in Spain and Morocco)
  • Bring Back the Beat: Exploring Race, Class, and Gender in Country and Rap Music
  • The Elephant in the Living Room: The Political and Cultural Impact of TV
  • The Literature and Rhetoric of Rebellion
  • Broadway Bound (with a trip to New York City)