What Faculty Say About Westover

“Westover Honors students play a central role in the intellectual and community life of the college.”
– Dr. Lesley Friedman, Professor of Philosophy
“Honor students are ideal. I find them engaged and, most important, open to new ideas and subject matter. My students have been willing to work hard, and to ‘bring something to the table’ for class work and discussions. Often their ideas can encourage other students. Our Westovers – with their challenging program – come up with questions and insights that make teaching them a pleasure!”
– Dr. Brown Cardwell, Assistant Professor, Westover Honors Program
“For me, Westover Fellows are marked by their engagement – with course material, with faculty, and with the broader Lynchburg College community.”
– Dr. Daniel Lang, Professor of Political Science
“The Westover Honors program, through its focus on interdisciplinarity, provides students the opportunity to integrate and synthesize what they have learned across general and specialized curricula. The Westover Fellows by virtue of their intellectual curiosity, academic motivation and willingness to engage in discourse stimulate the intellectual life of the entire College.”
– Barbara Rothermel, Director, Daura Gallery and Assistant Professor of Museum Studies