Housing Accommodations

Undergraduate students attending Lynchburg College who seek housing accommodations must qualify in keeping with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and its amendments.  Qualifications and reasonable accommodations are determined by the Disability Services Coordinator (DSC).

To be considered for housing accommodations prior to the standard housing process for each year, students must complete steps prior to the annual deadline established by the Director for Residence Life:

  1. Apply annually for housing accommodations through the Disability Services Coordinator**:
    1. If the student is not registered as a student with disabilities, he/she must register and qualify for disability services. The following components are required for the intake process:
      1. Complete the Disability Services Intake Form
      2. Provide documentation from a qualified professional. Documentation criteria (PDF)
    2. If the student is registered as a student with disabilities:
      1. Notify the DSC of his/her intent to apply for housing accommodations by emailing 
      2. If necessary, provide any additional documentation requested by the DSC to support a housing accommodation request.
  2. Schedule and participate in an appointment with the DSC.
    Note: Appointments should be planned well in advance of the annual deadline to ensure availability and completion of the application, especially for students not already registered for disability services.
  3. The DSC will notify the Residence Life Director of students approved for housing accommodations. Confidentiality will be maintained as to specific disability information.

Ineligible: Students who are found not eligible for housing accommodations must apply for housing through the standard housing process.

Late application/approval: Students who apply and are approved for housing accommodations late, after the priority housing deadline, will become eligible for room assignment on or after April 1, after the standard housing process is complete.

Housing Assignments

Residence Life will determine housing assignments based on the DSC’s accommodation recommendations. Please note the following specific information:

  • Specific room requests/locations are not part of the application process.
  • If students who are approved for housing accommodations choose to participate in the standard housing process, they are required to decline housing assignments based on accommodations. “Holding” a housing accommodation assignment while participating in the standard housing process is not allowed.
  • Students with approved housing accommodations for a single room may not participate in the group housing process. Groups are not assigned rooms based on an individual students’ housing accommodation.
  • Students who wish to apply for housing on Southside should not apply for housing accommodations for a single room.

**Note: While suggestions for accommodations and service will be considered, appropriate services and/or accommodations will be determined by the DSC based upon information submitted through the Disability Services Intake Form, interview with the student and documentation/diagnoses.


Julia R. Timmons
Disability Services Coordinator
1501 Lakeside Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24501
434.544.8687 or 434.544.8339
Fax 434.544.8808