Summer study abroad spans globe

Nearly sixty students are currently participating in faculty-led study abroad programs this summer in Europe, Australia, Canada and South Korea.

Croatia study abroad
Sunset in Croatia by student Kara Taylor

Twenty-eight students are traveling through Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and France as part of a summer study abroad program that focuses on factors that are likely to bring war to a satisfactory end. Site visits include the Normandy D-Day landing beaches, the palace at Versailles where the treaty ending WWI was signed, the Nuremberg Nazi Rally Grounds, Schindler’s Factory, and Auschwitz are several of the key sties, museums, and memorials associated with WWI, WWII, and the Cold War.

Discussions and meetings with local experts will augment the literature that presents the attitudes of the British, French, German, Russian, and American people during these major conflicts. Dr. David Lipani, professor of English, and Dr. Dan Lang, professor of political science, lead this program.

Nineteen students are traveling in Australia to enhance their knowledge and understanding of cultural richness and the varied roles that public relations play in shaping perceptions of culture. Excursions to Melbourne Olympic Park, the Australian Sports Hall of Fame, Fox Studios Australia, the Sydney Opera House, and Sydney Olympic, will allow for opportunities to develop an integrated world view. The program is led by Dr. Jimmy Roux, associate professor of communication studies, and Dr. Barbara Rothermel, assistant professor of museum studies. Dr. Roux is posting travel photos from the trip; view the photos here.

Seven students are experiencing the French-speaking culture and charm of Quebec City by investing four weeks in this immersion program. The students are enrolled in French-speaking language courses focused on listening comprehension and oral expression taught by Laval University’s expert language instructors. Coursework utilizes real-life situations and everyday topics with the beautiful city of Quebec and the St. Lawrence River as backdrop. Students stay with host families selected by Laval University’s International Office. The program is led by Dr. Bruce Mayer, professor of French.

Three students are participating in the Korea Summer Studies Program at LC’s sister school, Hannam University. Coursework includes Korean culture, architecture, cinema, society, and language, which provide an excellent introduction to life in Korea. With an emphasis on intercultural communication, students rely on a “buddy system” to connect with Hannam students for activities such as pottery-making, karaoke night, Taekwondo lessons, visits to a Buddhist temple, and sampling local cuisine. This experience concludes with a two-day excursion to Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The program is led by Dr. Terry Cornwell, associate professor of communication studies.

More photos from the various LC Study Abroad locations can be viewed by following the College’s Twitter account. For more information about Lynchburg College’s Study Abroad program, visit our website: