Bouncing Back

Last week was a long one at Lynchburg College for the employees and volunteers who worked non-stop in sweltering heat to clean up the damaged trees and debris that covered the campus after the Friday, June 29 storm. Thanks to their efforts, classes and events resumed today.

The “derecho,” or “land hurricane” as some called it, wreaked havoc on the campus, knocking out power, damaging or destroying 95 trees, and causing minor roof damage to some buildings. Fortunately, there were no injuries to any students, faculty, staff, or campus guests as few were on campus that night.

The College’s Crisis Management Team (CMT), led by President Garren, convened post-storm and acted on several fronts. Given the destruction, all summer school classes were cancelled last week and the campus was closed to all but essential clean-up personnel. The start of Governor’s School was also postponed for a week.

Generator power to the kitchen coolers and Safety/Security Office was a top priority, as was development of a clean-up strategy for the countless downed branches, some intertwined with mangled power lines.

The campus community and general public were apprised of the evolving situation via the College website, weather line, and Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Power returned to LC Tuesday, 7/3, and the huge task of bringing all buildings back online began as debris clean-up continued. By the weekend, the primary campus was ready for students and staff to return on Monday.

The clean-up continues now, focusing on College-owned houses adjacent to campus. Power crews and LC debris crews work below to finish this last phase.

Lynchburg College thanks the volunteers and staff of the Physical Plant, Housekeeping, Dining Services, Safety and Security, Grounds, and Maintenance who worked mightily last week to help the campus bounce back.