Making math and science fun

About 160 of the state’s top high school students will be studying the computer as a tool, experimental math, and the science of strength among other topics at the 2010 Governor’s School for Math, Science, and Technology at Lynchburg College.

This is the 15th year Lynchburg College has hosted the program, which is directed by LC mathematics professor Danny Cline. The school provides intensive, hands-on learning experiences in classes offered by Lynchburg College faculty and a core of faculty recruited from high schools and colleges.

During their month-long stay from July 4 – 31, students live in College residence halls and enjoy the use of College facilities. They choose one of 10 classes of study. Classes include:

Compu-tekhne – The Computer as Tool

Area: Computer Science

Instructor: Bob Powers

This course is an introduction to problem-solving via computer programming. Students will learn how to develop algorithms and use various software tools to solve a variety of problems. Students will also experiment with simple robots.

To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before: Doing Experimental Mathematics

Area: Mathematics

Instructor: Kevin Peterson

This course will engage students in experimental mathematical study of the nature of conjecture and its role in mathematical research. Students will work in groups, using software tools such as Excel, MATLAB. Maple, and Geometer’s Sketch Pad, as well as pencil and paper and physical models, to explore patterns and trends found in mathematics.

The Science of Strength

Area: Physiology

Instructor: Steve Smith

This course will encompass a broad range of scientific and theoretical constructs applicable to the development of a sound strength and conditioning program that maximizes an individual’s athletic potential while reducing the risk of injury. Areas covered include muscle physiology, biomechanics, psychological components for optimal sports performance, nutrition, and various applications for fitness testing.

Each year since 1973, Governor’s Schools have offered opportunities for high school juniors and seniors from across the state to study together. Every public and private high school in Virginia is invited to submit nominations for students who have been identified as gifted in a particular area. Governor’s schools are also offered at other locations in the humanities, visual and performing arts, and foreign languages.

Check the full schedule or contact Dr. Danny Cline at 434.544.8372.