Clinical Preceptors

Welcome Preceptors!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our preceptor support site. You are critical to our mission to educate the next generation of Physician Assistants – we thank you!

The mission of the Lynchburg College Department of Physician Assistant Medicine is to education Physician Assistant to become compassionate health care providers with an emphasis on teamwork, communication, human diversity and patient-centered care. The dynamic interdisciplinary advanced curriculum will facilitate the highest standard of patient care while also creating leaders within medicine, local and global communities, and accelerating the advancement of the profession.

The LC Physician Assistant Medicine program continues to add our colleagues in the medical community to the ongoing list of esteemed clinical preceptors. If you are a practicing healthcare provider willing to consider precepting a student we ask that you:

  1. Take the first step by returning the initial ‘LC Preceptor Agreement’ via fax, email or mail.
  2. Save a copy of the ‘Clinical Rotation Expectations’ for your records.
  3. Provide us with more detailed information on the ‘Preceptor Demographic Form.’

For additional information regarding our program or precepting opportunities please contact The Department of Physician Assistant Medicine at  or 434.544.8876.

  1. Preceptor Agreement (PDF)
  2. Preceptor Demographic Form (PDF)
  3. Expectations for Clinical Practice Experiences (PDF)