The Daura Gallery as a Tool for Faculty and Students

The Daura Gallery is a vital resource at Lynchburg College for both faculty and students as a tool for research, teaching, and learning. The Gallery seeks to build relationships and further collaborations with faculty and students in their multidisciplinary projects.

The Daura Gallery’s vision is to be a teaching Gallery with a premier collection and programs designed to complement, support, and challenge the academic experience of Lynchburg College students. The Daura Gallery staff are happy to work with you to provide guidance and support for your projects. We will make every effort to accommodate your projects with the staff and facility resources available at the time.


The Daura Gallery presents exhibitions featuring works from the collection and works on loan of the highest possible quality and broadest range consistent with the Gallery’s mission. Exhibitions and related educational programs are designed to interact with and support the academic experience of Lynchburg College students and to encourage the interdisciplinary affiliation of the visual arts with all other academic disciplines. In scheduling exhibitions, consideration is given to the Gallery’s educational objectives, to teaching programs of the College, and to special interests within the College and the community.

The subject matter and themes found in the art of all cultures and all ages often deal with explicit and/or abstracted ideas and images that some individuals may find to be difficult or offensive. Works of art selected for and/or included in exhibitions display significant artistic merit and academic integrity. Exhibitions and associated discussions are frequently quite forthright and challenging, as the content is expressive of diverse social, cultural, religious, and/or individual values.

How to incorporate Daura Gallery exhibitions into your teaching:

  • Take an interactive docent tour of the exhibition with your class.
  • Encourage students to volunteer as docents at the Daura Gallery (especially useful to improve public speaking skills, learn historical information, etc.)
  • Require an unsupervised class visit to the Gallery and assign a reflection paper.
  • Host your class at the Gallery and provide your own walkthrough of pertinent work(s).
  • Structure a more guided looking/writing or looking/discussion assignment in the Gallery related to specific works on view/exhibition themes.
  • Invite exhibiting artists to talk in your class. (This may be especially useful if student art is on display).
  • Encourage or require that students attend pertinent lectures, such as Select Sunday Lectures (held monthly at 2 p.m.) and write a response to the lecture.
Collaborate with the Daura Gallery staff on a more involved education project. Examples include:
  • Writing classes, including creative writing, poetry, and expository classes do walkthroughs to use inspiration from the artwork in their discussions/writing.
  • In the Fall of 2009, the gallery held the exhibit, 50 Years of Rock, which would have been easily incorporated into a history, music, or culture course.
  • Propose an exhibition with a specific focus to the Gallery that will encourage collaboration and support the Daura Gallery’s mission.

Class Visits

  • Classes are welcome to visit the Daura Gallery at any time during an exhibition between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The Gallery is closed to visitors while exhibitions are being installed and/or de-installed.
  • Visits before 9 a.m. or after 4 p.m. should be requested one week in advance (call ext. 8349 or email ).
  • Tours of specific exhibitions are provided upon request and as available. Tours are led by the Gallery’s graduate assistant. To schedule a tour, use contact info above one week in advance.
  • Please inform students using the Gallery for an assignment of correct protocol: use pencils only; do not write against the walls or on any Plexiglas pedestals; leave backpacks at the coat rack.

Exhibit Proposals

The Daura Gallery schedules exhibitions approximately one year in advance. All exhibitions for a specific academic year are confirmed prior to the beginning of the fall semester. Proposals for specific exhibitions or exhibition themes are accepted and reviewed by the Daura Gallery Advisory Committee. We are especially interested in proposals for exhibitions in conjunction with seminars, symposia or special events of any academic discipline, interdisciplinary, and other College-wide initiatives. Faculty interested in co-curating or otherwise participating in the research and development of an exhibition should contact Barbara Rothermel (ext. 8343, ).

Questions or comments? Please contact Barbara Rothermel, Director of the Daura Gallery and Assistant Professor of Museum Studies, ext. 8343 or .

Revised 09/2013