Professor Notes

Dr. Sumerlin

In the chemistry department, we use the ACS (American Chemical Society) Style Guide. Most of this is fairly standard stuff, and the guide allows for some variation. The ACS publishes a lot of journals, and they do not all have exactly the same documentation rules.

For me personally, I prefer that students cite references in the text by author and date, as for example:

The primary structure of this enzyme has also been determined (Dardel et. al., 1984).

All the references would be listed at the end of the manuscript in alphabetical order by author.

Professor Stump

History uses Turabian, but most historians follow the slight variant which she mentions for certain disciplines (5th ed. para. 9.65), according to which the name of the publisher is usually omitted in the publication facts for footnotes and bibliographic references to books.

Publication data would thus consist only of place of publication followed by date of publication, separated by a comma (e.g., "New York, 1970").

I think most of us in the department allow students to omit or include the names of publishers, as they wish (as long as they are consistent).