The USA TODAY Social-Mobile team is looking for social, engagement/mobile or video interns that meet the following criteria:

·         Excellent writing and editing skills;

·         Strong understanding of social media, social content, and the web in general; and

·         At least one newsroom internship or work on a student publication.

 Social interns should have an ability to assist and help train newsroom journalists in use of social media; create articles/posts geared toward the social web; track trending topics; create posts for USA TODAY’s social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, G+, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest; and help develop strategy for specific social media sites.

Engagement/Mobile interns should have an ability to create content (e.g. galleries and articles) on deadline; program content for mobile/tablet products; monitor, moderate, promote and evangelize user-submitted content; identify social trends; discuss and develop reader engagement strategies; be flexible; brainstorm; and help manage and respond (if needed) to feedback and website comments.

Video interns should have an ability to identify newsworthy video content; brainstorm video content ideas; and find available content from social media platforms like YouTube, vine and Instagram. A basic understanding of professional video editing or production is a plus. (This isn't a typical broadcast/videographer role, though those do exist here with another team).


– Emily Brown (LC Alum ’02 Comm Studies major) has these opportunities on her team.  They might also want to check other USA Today internship opportunities on the web…. Please contact for those of you interested.