Judicial Boards

In keeping with the philosophy that students are to do their utmost to help maintain a high level of conduct among fellow students, considerable responsibility for handling violations of the Honor and Student Conduct Codes is invested in students via the Student Judicial Board, which is comprised solely of students. Staff and faculty contribute to the address of alleged misconduct through the Administrative Board.

The shared purpose of Lynchburg College’s judicial boards is to promote integrity and responsible citizenship through enforcement of the Honor and Student Conduct Codes and Regulations, to help educate students about acceptable behavioral choices, and to deter misconduct. Both judicial boards have the authority to hear all cases arising within their respective jurisdictions, to impose appropriate sanctions in accordance with provisions contained in The Hornet, and to require that students appear in conjunction with a hearing. Judicial board proceedings are fact-finding in nature rather than adversarial and are conducted in accordance with hearing procedures outlined in the Honor and Student Conduct Codes and Regulations.

When addressing an incident of alleged misconduct, a judicial board member may serve as a hearing advisor or as a panel member.