Open Water Course Details

PADIPrerequisites for Certification

You must sign a medical release and be age 15 or older (10 for Junior Divers).

To become open water certified you must participate in and pass by at least 75% all on line(e-learning); all 5 confined pool dives sessions, required swim and tread/float; and four open water dives.

At some point prior to certification, you must also complete a 200-yard continuous surface swim or a 300-yard mask, snorkel, and fin swim, plus a swim/float without using a mask, fins, snorkel, or any other swim aid.

About the Course

The PADI Open Water Diver course is performance-based. This means that you can progress by meeting learning requirements and mastery of the required skills.

The course is divided into three segments: On-line knowledge development and class, five confined water dives and swim tests, and four open water dives over 2 days.

The course is taught in five on-line elearning knowledge development sections, five confined water dives, and four open water dives. You will need to meet the requirements and mastery for each before moving on to the next.

You'll complete the knowledge development at your own pace on-line via elearning. Watch the on-line elearning development and complete the exercises.

Prior to the pool session you will take a short quiz which tells how well you understand the material. Then we will review any areas where you have difficulty of understanding.

Knowledge development makes sure you remember everything you've learned throughout the course.

We'll make four scuba open water dives over two days, during which you'll apply what you've learned, plus develop some new skills. The first dive of the open water dives will be spent exploring and getting acquainted with your gear, areas in which we will complete our second, third, and fourth dives.