Strategies for Teaching Learners with Special Needs

Cover of the book Strategies for Teaching Learners with Special Needs, 10th editionStrategies for Teaching Learners with Special Needs by Dr. Edward Polloway, LC dean of graduate studies; James R. Patton, Loretta Serna, and Jenevie W. Bailey, is a textbook that covers teaching strategies for students in grades K-12 plus recommendations for transitioning students with special needs to life after high school.

Termed by other educators as "possibly the best textbook I have ever read" and "one of the few texts that I want within easy reach of my desk as an instructional resource," this book clearly and concisely navigates the complex topics of terms and laws associated with special education in the first chapter. "The writing is so readable that this chapter could be shared with parents of students with special needs and older students themselves," commented one teacher.

The book provides the practical strategies that the title promises including recommendations on grouping, setting up classroom spaces, differentiation, managing behavior, and collaboration between general and special educators. Entire chapters are devoted to strategies for specific content areas such as math, science, reading, and social studies. Tools that can be used with students in the classroom are integrated throughout the text.

As one teacher said, "I wish I had read it before my first day of teaching."

Jenevie Bailey, an international student from the Island of St. Lucia, is pursuing her EdD in Leadership Studies at LC and is serving as a graduate assistant in the Office of Graduate Studies.