The master of education in educational studies provides students with the opportunity to design  an interdisciplinary course of study that will meet their personal and professional development needs. Students will obtain a general theoretical background for understanding past and future practice while also developing skills for use in education-related work.

Students will consult with an advisor to select eight courses related to their intellectual and career goals as well as four required courses that include a capstone project. The capstone project is completed in conjunction with a selected faculty member who may or may not be the advisor and who serves as a mentor during the project. The program is housed in the School of Graduate Studies.

Students in the program will:

  • Demonstrate enhanced professional knowledge within selected areas of study
  • Analyze changes in views of knowledge, learning, and literacy in the 21st century
  • Apply digital technologies in professional communication, collaboration, and problem solving
  • Analyze legal and ethical issues for educational and organizational environments
  • Apply discipline specific methods of educational research,  including interpretation of data and results, to integrate learning into a capstone project


12 credits:

EDCI 617      Foundations and Curriculum of American Education
EDHD 609     Research Methods and Applications


EDLS 609      Research Methods & Applications/Educational Leaders
EDLS 603      Legal and Ethical Issues
EDHD 671      Professional Project in Education

and 24 credit hours of electives from other master's level courses (with faculty/advisor approval)

Total hours required: 36 hours