Curriculum and Instruction: Teacher Licensure

This program is designed for the student seeking initial teacher licensure or completing provisional licensure requirements while concurrently completing the MEd in Curriculum and Instruction.

In addition to professional studies/licensure requirements, students must meet the content course requirements for their particular endorsement prior to completion of the MEd The 36 hours of the program is exclusive of the internship in Education and content course requirements.

Licensure courses below are marked with an asterisk (*).  Reading requirements are based on the desired grade level to be taught. For elementary education endorsement students, RDNG 625 should be taken before RDNG 640.

You will complete a program planning sheet for degree and licensure requirements with your advisor during your first semester of enrollment in the Curriculum and Instruction program.

A comprehensive exam is required to complete the program.

Total Hours: 36

Required Courses: 24 hours

EDCI 600* Classroom Management And Instructional Methodology (3)

EDCI 606* Effective Instructional Strategies (3)

EDCI 617* Foundations and Curriculum of American Education (3)

EDHD 602* Human Development (3)

EDLS 609 Research Methods and Applications (3)

EDLS 603 Legal and Ethical Issues (3)

EDLS 646 Improving the School Structure and Climate (3)

SPED 600 Survey of Special Education (3)

3-6 hours from (selected based on licensure goals/requirements):

RDNG 625* Survey of Effective Reading Methods (3) (elementary and middle)

RDNG 640* Strategies for Teaching Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary (3) (elementary)

RDNG 672* Reading and Study Skills in the Content Area (3) (middle and high)

EDCI 699* Internship in Education (6) (optional) (If a non-teacher secures a teaching position prior to completion, one year of successful teaching can be substituted for this internship.) Prerequisites for this course include passing scores on Praxis I, Praxis II, VCLA, and RVE (formerly the Virginia Reading Assessment, VRA) for elementary and special education.

Coursework Electives

0-9 credit hours as needed for degree requirements

Information on Student Teacher Testing Requirements