Program Goals

The MA candidate will:

  1. Be able to teach history using textual and non-textual sources.
  2. Present history effectively in oral and written communication, to academic and non-academic audiences, and in the different historical genres, including narrative, argumentation, biography, intellectual history, social and economic history, and women's and gender history.
  3. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of historiography, both the evolution of history as a discipline and the most up-do-date historiographical interpretations in at least three major areas of historical inquiry.
  4. Demonstrate critical thinking skills as applied to history, including textual criticism, source criticism, higher criticism, and the ability to write critical reviews of books and articles.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of multicultural issues and diverse global perspectives and their knowledge of gender history and women's history. Prepare students of diverse ethnic backgrounds to enter and excel in the historical profession.
  6. Evaluate quantitative data, show basic familiarity with statistical methods used in history, and be able to construct and evaluate arguments made using quantitative data.
  7. Use research skills in both secondary and primary sources, culminating in the writing of a master's thesis of suitable quality for publication in a peer-reviewed publication (or, for non-thesis option students) in the production of shorter pieces of original research.
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of the production, evaluation, and use of electronic resources.
  9. Master knowledge in at least 2 content areas.