Senior Honors Thesis

Westover Seniors 2013
Westover Honors Senior Class 2013

The Senior Honors Thesis gives you the opportunity to build on the knowledge acquired in your major (or minor) and to explore in depth an issue, question, or creative challenge of special interest to you.

Your research project can be presented in these formats:

  • A written thesis
  • A play
  • A musical recital
  • An artistic presentation

You will present your project before your faculty committee and other students.

Your project will demonstrate your:

  • understanding of the tools (methods, theories, and models) of your discipline and your ability to use these tools;
  • ability to develop an informed, well-reasoned, and creative response to a question or problem; and
  • ability to effectively communicate the results of the project, both orally and in writing.

Honors Thesis Examples

Every year the Westover Honors Program recognizes the best thesis of the year. In 2013 there were two:

  • Leah Bigl, "A Review of Interventions for Preterm Birth in the African American Population"
  • Michael Sorensen, "Game Theory and the Stick Game"

Other 2013 theses:

"Mass Media Distortion of Violent Crime in the United States and its Effect on Public Peace of Mind," Rob Arold

"Drug Trade and Terrorism: A Regression Analysis of the Relationship Between Illicit Drug Prices and Terrorist Events," Abigail Burnette

"Patent Warfare in the Smartphone Industry," Brandon Gannicott

"Environmental Curricula and the Common Core Standards: A Comparative Study," Caitlyn Hall

"The South in Transition: A Quantitative Analysis of Party Realignment in the Southern United States, 1972 – 2008," Orry Hatcher

"Characterization of Hematopoietic Zinc Finger Protein Expression in a Megakaryocytic Cell Line," Hannah Hawkins

"Contemporary Text and Evolving Genre: A Critical Analysis of First-Person Shooter Genre Innovation in the Video Game Bioshock," Kenley Hoover

"The Integration of Baseball in Lynchburg, Virginia," Ben Hostetter

"Improving College Success for Hispanic – American Students," Megan Johnson

"The Effect of Smith Mountain Lake Good Neighbors Summer Enrichment Camp on Reading Levels and Reading Attitudes," Shelby Kienzle-Pappalardo

"Reluctant Heroes in 20th Century American Apocalyptic Fiction," Sarah Lavinder

"Computational Simulation for Game-play Strategies Creating the Ultimate Monopoly Strategy," Kristin Marstin 

"The Impact of Social Media Use in Athlete/Fan Communication during the Olympics," Maggie Pearce

 "The Effects of Extended Time Testing Accommodations on Learned Helplessness, Self-Efficacy and Test Score at the Collegiate Level," Susan Pense

"Natural Resources as Part of Conflict Resolution," Carly Pleines

"19 Years Later: Participatory Culture and the Fate of the Harry Potter Fandom," Rebeka Rowan

"Determining the Reliability of the Balance Error Scoring System, Stability Evaluation Test and the Limits of Stability," Ashley Saba  

"Gender Differences in Lifting Technique," Kelsey Shelton

"The Influence of Intimate Relationships on the Choice to Engage in Risky Behaviors: A Study of Lynchburg College Students," Kristen Soroka

"The Factors that Affect Expatriate Adjustment through Business Successes and Failures," Becca Speck

"In Vitro Effects of Lindane on RAW 264.7 Macrophage Responses to LPS and IFN-g," Mallory Lynne Stewart        

"Waxing Pop Art: The Use of the Encaustic Medium in the Paintings of Jasper Johns," Taylor Vukich

"An Understanding of Euler’s Formula and Its Application in the Classroom," Julie Will

"The Effects of Convective Cooling on Aerobic Performance," Brynn Workman

2013 Standouts

Brandon GanniccottBrandon Gannicott, 2013 Sommerville Scholar, receives his Westover graduation cord from Dr. Katherine Gray

Leah BiglDr. DeClair congratulates Leah Bigl for her thesis in nursing

Michael SorensenMichael Sorensen was recognized for his thesis in mathematics