John Reilly '86: Why Major in History?

John ReillyYou Studied History?

When I'm asked where I studied business and learned to present creative marketing concepts to clients and partners I smile and proudly explain that I earned a degree in history from Lynchburg College.

I chose to study history simply because I liked to read and enjoyed the subject; little did I know what tremendous dividends that decision would yield as I entered the business world.

Studying history honed my written and verbal communications skills and taught me to make convincing arguments. Managing long term research projects along with my other studies taught me time and project management and the importance of meeting project deadlines. Presenting my senior research project prepared me to "stand and deliver" before CEOs and the top marketing executives of Fortune 500 companies.

Perhaps most of all, studying history taught me to fight for ideas and decisions that I believed in and to forge relationships by establishing common ground and achieving compromise, just as the successful figures I studied in history did. All of this was made possible by my study of history at Lynchburg College and the dedicated faculty who showed me that my potential was unlimited.

John Reilly '86

Retail Marketing Consultant
Has held positions with Macy’s, FootAction, KB Toys, Circuit City, Studio Squared