MEd in Counselor Education Research and Scholarship

As a student in LC's graduate program in counseling, you will be encouraged to become an active scholar within your discipline.

Our graduate students link their academic research and field experiences to opportunities for presentations at state and regional conferences.

Recent Scholarship

Four counseling education students presented at the annual graduate conference of the Virginia Association for Counselor Education and Supervision held in February 2011 in Williamsburg, Virginia. Though the conference was initially developed to showcase doctoral research, Lynchburg College MEd students have been presenting since it was first organized.

Presentations included:

  • Curt Gleeson - "Effects of Parental Cancer on the Family: Implications for Family Counseling"
  • Sarah Lester -"Identity Development in Immigrant Adolescents: Applications and Practices in School Counseling"
  • Stacie Lumsden and Lauren Carr - "Counseling Parents of Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder"
  • Thom Field - "Do Counselors Use Empirically Supported Treatments?"
  • Summer Tetterton (with Dr. Elizabeth Farnsworth) - "Older Women and Intimate Partner Violence: Effective Interventions" published in December 2010 Journal of Interpersonal Violence
  • Melissa Rolfes "Incorporating Meditation and Yoga into Group Therapy: Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction"
  • Curt Gleeson "Counseling Families with Parental Cancer"

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