French Film Festival

Lynchburg College students attend the 2013 French Film Festival

French students get the opportunity to attend the annual French Film Festival in Richmond, Va., which is sponsored by Virginia Commonwealth University and University of Richmond.

One of the largest festivals of its kind in the U.S., film directors, actors, and technical staff from France are invited to present new films.

The audience even gets the opportunity to meet some of the featured actors in a question-answer session after each film.

A unique workshop in 2010 was conducted by an expert technician in the latest 3-D technology. Our students viewed a series of short films that demonstrated the newest techniques.

The famous Byrd Theatre, host to the festival, is located on Cary Street in Richmond. This area is animated with its French Bakery, art shops, restaurants with international cuisine, and shops.

What Students Say

The French Film Festival in Richmond was a fantastic cultural experience. Not only did it help improve my language skills but it also provided insight into French culture. The Byrd Theater provided the perfect venue for the festival; its architecture and décor were outstanding. As with my previous trip to the film festival the short films were my absolute favorite—they were absolutely captivating! The feature length films were incredibly well done as well and were very moving. The trip also provided an opportunity to meet new people from both Lynchburg College and other areas who shared an interest in French culture and language or film. I hope to make the festival an annual event.  - Stephanie Deronde ‘14


It was fantastique! I didn’t know what to expect from it from once there I could tell it was a pretty big deal. Having the passes was nice since we could just stay in the theatre and not have to get out after each one. The movies themselves were great and having various actors, actresses, and producers there from Paris to talk about their films was cool. I am thankful to have had the chance to go.  - Emma Bilderback ‘16


I absolutely adored the festival! All of the films I saw that day where phenomenal! I really wish we could have been there for the whole four days, because some of the other films looked beautiful and intriguing! It was an amazing opportunity and I feel so lucky that I was invited to attend!  - Justin McCloskey ‘14


As a self-proclaimed “cinephile” I adore any type of film weather it is an Indy production, critically acclaimed blockbuster, or a simple movie from any genre.  Being invited to the French Film Festival was a highlight of this semester for me. Being around others who shared my passion for film and the French language was truly a delight. I can’t say how thankful I am that I was able to attend such an amazing event. Going to the festival and watching those films aided in my interest in the French language as well as their culture. While watching the movies I felt a great sense of artistry, heart, and character and I can only hope to go again in following years. I plan to make it a yearly routine and hope to go again next year because it was an unforgettable experience well worth waking up at 4:30 a.m. so that we could get there in time to enjoy the entirety of the festival. - Arielle Slay ‘16


I greatly enjoyed my trip to the French Film Festival this year. Being able to get off campus and experience some true culture is a magnificent opportunity. My favorite films are always the shorts so I was glad we were able to make it to see them although it would have been nice to stay, as we did the year before, and see the ones showing the following morning. Another aspect of this outing which I greatly enjoyed was the ability to do something fun with fellow students who share my interest. These past couple of years it has been harder and harder to connect with fellow students due to underclassmen's lack of participation but I truly enjoyed being able to get to know my classmates through this event. Overall I love going to this festival and would not pass up the opportunity for anything.  - Julia Rosa ‘14