Dual-Degree Engineering Program

For more information about these dual-degree programs, contact the dual degree program director, Will Roach, at roach.w@lynchburg.edu

Dual-Degree Program with Old Dominion University

Under special agreement with Old Dominion University (ODU),you may earn a BS from Lynchburg College and a BS degree in engineering from ODU in a total of 5 years.

As a dual-degree candidate, you enroll at Lynchburg College for the first 3 years and transfer to the School of Engineering at ODU for approximately 2 years.

You must complete the prescribed courses, including General Education requirements, with an average grade of B or higher during your first 3 years at Lynchburg College before you may transfer to ODU.

Upon completing the specified courses and meeting total hour requirements, you will be awarded the bachelor of science degree from Lynchburg College, usually at the end of your 4th year.

At the conclusion of your 5th year, or when all requirements for a degree in engineering have been fulfilled, the appropriate degree is awarded from ODU: bachelor of science in civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering.


Dual-Degree Program with the University of Virginia

Under special arrangement with the University of Virginia (U.Va.), a student may also earn a BS in a science or mathematics from Lynchburg College and a Master of Engineering degree from U.Va. in five years. A student will choose an undergraduate major that is best suited for the field of engineering in which she or he wishes to pursue a graduate degree. Recommended major choices are listed below.

Lynchburg College Major U.Va. Major
Biology/Biomedical Science Biomedical Engineering
Chemistry Chemical Engineering
Computer Science Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Systems Engineering 
Math Systems Engineering
Physics Aerospace Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Systems Engineering 

A student pursues the dual-degree at Lynchburg College for the first three years. After completing 60 semester credit hours, including the General Education requirements and the required classes listed below, the student becomes eligible to apply to U.Va. as a non-degree seeking student. A minimum quality point average of 3.4, both in the major and overall, is required for acceptance as a non-degree seeking student. If accepted into the program, the student will then enroll in courses at U.Va. that complete the requirements for the undergraduate Lynchburg College major and position her- or himself for graduate studies. Once all of the requirements for the Lynchburg College major are completed, the student earns a BS from Lynchburg College, usually at the end of the fourth year.

During the year that the student earns a BS, she or he is eligible to apply for admission to the U.Va. graduate engineering program through the normal application process. A student may choose three degree options as part of this application: Master of Engineering, Master of Science, or PhD. The Master of Engineering degree is a course-based degree that is typically completed within one year. The Master of Science degree is a research-based degree that requires the completion of a thesis and typically takes 2-3 years to complete.

Recommended timeline for completing required courses: 

Freshman Year

PHYS 161-162  University Physics I and II
MATH 103-104  Calculus I and II

Sophomore Year

CHEM 111-112  Fundamentals of Chemistry I and II
MATH 211  Calculus III
MATH 301  Differential Equations