Frequently Asked Questions: DPT

Does the LC-DPT program utilize the APTA's central application service (PTCAS)?

Yes, all applicants must apply to the program through the PTCAS system to be considered for admission into the program. For more information, see Applying to the Program.

How long does it take to complete the DPT program?

The curriculum is a 3-year continuous program (year round), beginning with application and admission decisions in fall/winter, with classes beginning in late May/early June. Students then graduate in May, 3 years following admission.

May I attend the LC DPT program on a part-time basis?

The courses for the LC DPT program are administered in a continuous step-lock sequence, requiring full-time student attendance. Presently there is no mechanism that would allow a student to attend part time.

Do I need to have a bachelor's degree in any particular discipline to apply?

The requirement for application into the DPT program at LC is that each applicant holds a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. The applicant may have majored and received a degree in any field of study. The minimum prerequisite courses are also necessary for application. Therefore, each student's major course of study will dictate what supplements to his/her coursework will be needed to fulfill all requirements for application. The baccalaureate majors most closely related to the prerequisite requirements have historically been programs in biology, health science, and biomedical science. International applicants must also comply with the additional requirements shown on the web page pertaining to Applying to the Program.

Is there a minimum score I must achieve on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) to apply?

There is no minimum that you must attain on the GRE to apply; however, higher scores in the quantitative and verbal portions of the exam will make your application more competitive when compared to others applying for admission.

Is it advisable that applicants retake the GRE or retake a particular course if they achieve a "low" score or grade?

The applicant pool for the LC DPT program has historically been quite competitive. Any applicant may retake any coursework or GRE at his/her will. The highest scores for one sitting of the GRE will be used for computation for admission consideration. Coursework retaken will be computed according to the LC grade replacement policy.

I noticed there was a minimum of a 3.0 GPA for application. Does my 3.22 GPA ensure me a position in the LC DPT program?

There is no guarantee of admittance based on any criteria. The entire application will be considered by the DPT Admissions Committee when determining what applicants will be selected for admission. The admission process is expected to be extremely competitive, as is the case for all DPT programs. Applicants with higher scores typically have a stronger overall success rate in achieving an invitation for admittance into DPT programs.

Do I need to complete all the prerequisite courses listed before I can apply?

An application may be submitted any time the website allows, but no more than two courses may be outstanding for consideration of admission into the program. All required prerequisite courses, baccalaureate degree, and admitted student requirements MUST be complete before any student may enter the program of study.

How many students does the LC DPT program accept each year?

The program plans for 48 student admissions into each annual DPT cohort. Approximately one in seven applicants was admitted in the past cohort, with applicants' cumulative grade point average (GPA) approximately 3.4/4.0, and pre-requisite science courses GPA 3.4/4.0. The approximate GRE score was 1050 (Verbal + Quantitative).

How can I get more information?

If you have questions about the program that are not answered on our web pages, please contact us at or 434.544.8885. You may also send questions to an existing DPT program student if you wish, by emailing

How much are tuition and fees for the DPT program?

Tuition and fees for the current academic year can be found at

Does the program offer Graduate Assistantships to its students?

There is a limited number of Graduate Assistant positions available to second year DPT students. These positions require that each student achieve and maintain a minimum Quality Point Average.