Summer School

May 18 - July 17, 2015

Session 1: May 18 - June 5

Session II: June 8 - 26

Session III: June 29 - July 17

Note: Online classes may have different dates.

Before You Begin Class

  • Admission: Admission to the College is required. Visiting students must submit approval and verification of good standing from their home colleges .
  • Registration: Submit registration forms to the Office of the Registrar.
  • Tuition payments: Payment for tuition should be processed concurrent with your course registration for any registration on or after April 17, 2015 .
  • Housing accommodations: Students must complete the Summer School Residential Agreement, located in the Office of Residence Life, by April 24, 2015 to reserve housing.

Class Meetings

The first meeting of each class will be on the same day as final registration. In some cases, registration may cause students to be late to the first class meeting. All classes will meet for the full period on the first day .

  • Each 3-credit hour course should equal 37.5 contact hours. Each instructor will clearly explain the attendance policy for the course. The director of Academic Advising will be notified in cases of two successive unexplained absences. Final examinations will be held on the last day of class and at the discretion of the instructor .
  • Classes offered in a 3-week summer term will average 2.5 hours of instruction each day .
  • Meeting times will be adjusted for classes that extend beyond one summer term.
  • Classes will meet at the times and places indicated in the online course schedule.

ID Cards and Computer Accounts

All students are eligible to obtain student identification cards. Use of certain campus facilities and access to email accounts are limited to students who have this identification. Call the College Information Center at 434.544.8100 for further information .

Textbook Purchases and Refunds

Course materials for summer session may be purchased new or used online at myLC; click on "buy textbooks" in the left menu bar .

If you would like to rent, be sure to compare to in-store prices first. Used books are sometimes less expensive than rentals and some titles may not be available to rent if they are custom books printed or packages assembled for the College. You can also return your rental to the Campus Store at the end of the term if you rent through our rental partner, .

Want to charge on campus? Open a charge or declining balance account online. The College account may be used on campus at the following locations: Campus Store, campus post office, Westover Room, and, summer hours permitting, for the dining hall, Domino’s, and Brewed Awakenings in Elliot & Rosel Schewel Hall. Your LC college ID is required to purchase on account. You do not need to open an account to purchase textbooks online at myLC. You may purchase textbooks in store with cash, check, or credit/debit/check card if you do not open an account. An account must be opened to charge in store .

All myLC online textbook purchases will be charged to a College account (if the account is not on hold for non-payment) and can be paid online with a credit card at (pick college account) .

Please order your summer textbooks at least one week prior to the summer session starting. If you are taking an online class and are not required to come to campus, please include shipping and note this in the comment/instruction section of your order. Anyone not taking an online class is expected to pick up their textbooks at the Campus Store the business day before the class starts as long as 24 hours in a business day has passed from the time you placed the order. You can come to the store and purchase the book without placing a myLC order. If you order online, you must pay online and not in the store. Store hours are weekdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The store is located in the Drysdale Student Center on the same floor as the Westover Room (now the 2nd floor). Please visit our website for closings and other information. The Campus Store will be closed May 25 for Memorial Day, July 1 and 2 for year-end inventory, and July 3 for the Independence Day holiday .

If you have an LC Personal Identification Number (PIN) and have registered for a course, you may view your schedules and required course materials:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your network username and password.
  3. Click on “Buy Textbooks” link in the upper left portion of the screen.
  4. Select the term you wish to view.

Refunds for textbooks are made only during the first week the class meets if you have dropped the class and have proof of purchase from the Campus Store. No refunds will be given for textbooks after this time. To sell your used books online, visit the Campus Store pages. Dates to sell your used books in person can be found in the complete refund policy online.

Parking Permits

Registration fees are:

  • $50 annual registration for full-time non-resident (commuting) freshmen and all sophomores, juniors, seniors.
  • $20 annual registration for part-time and graduate students.
  • $10 registration for commuting, part-time, and graduate students registering a second vehicle.
  • $20 temporary registration (2-30 days) for full-time non-resident (commuting) freshmen and all sophomores, juniors, seniors.
  • $250 per semester or $500 annual registration for "special permission" parking for resident freshmen.

For additional information, see: Safety & Security.


Students who expect to complete degree requirements during the summer session must advise the Registrar's Office (Application for BA/BS degree required) or the Office of the Dean of Continuing and Graduate Studies of their intention.

The official date for granting degrees in summer 2015 is August 14, even though courses may be completed prior to that date.

To qualify for August graduation, all courses must be completed, and in the case of transfer credit, transcripts must be received by August 7. Formal graduation exercises are not held in August. Candidates may participate and be recognized in graduation exercises on May 16, 2015. Students whose programs are completed after August 14, 2015, will be included as candidates for graduation in January 2016.

Grades and Transcripts

Grade reports for each term are available to students online at on the Wednesday following the end of the term.

Academic Record transcripts, reflecting the preceding term, are usually not available until the Friday following the end of the term. Courses with ending dates prior to the last day of a term are graded with the "normal" courses for that term.

Students who wish to have transcripts sent elsewhere should make such requests in the Registrar's Office at least two weeks before the transcript is needed. A $3 fee is charged for each transcript requested.

College Regulations

All general regulations of the College governing conduct on the campus and all academic rules and requirements concerning class attendance, grades and credits, examinations, and scholarships are in full effect for the summer program. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 provides for the confidentiality of students' educational records. For specific information, consult the undergraduate or graduate catalogs and The Hornet student handbook.

Honor System

All enrolled students are bound to honor high standards of conduct and to maintain the spirit of honor and integrity. The Honor Code (see The Hornetstudent handbook) is in effect during the summer session with the usual sanction for a violation as suspension from the College. Any student who observes a possible violation is expected to contact the professor or the Office of the Dean of Students .

Questions or Concerns

Contact the Office of Enrollment Services for information about admission. For information about graduate-level courses, visit the Graduate Studies web site:

If you need additional information, contact the office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at or 434.544.8695.