Deanna Cash, PhD

Assistant Professor of Education


I was very lucky to begin my career as a school psychologist. Fifteen years at that job provided a wealth of experience in psychology and counseling, regular education, special education, student development and individual needs, and organizational functioning. In addition, I gained knowledge in program analysis, consultation, behavior management, IEP development, and supervision.

Working with students, parents, teachers, and administrators in public and private school settings has given me a great appreciation and respect for the educational system. I strive to make this the cornerstone of my work at Lynchburg College as I teach introductory and core education classes and developmental psychology to future educators.

Degrees and Certifications

  • BS in Psychology, University of Virginia
  • MA in School Psychology, Radford University
  • EdS in School Psychology, Radford University
  • PhD in Special Education, University of Virginia

Professional Interest/Research

In addition to my passion for teaching and advising students, my professional interests continue to be a reflection of my background. Currently, my focus is two-fold: the education of students with autism, and the support of regular and special education teachers as they collaborate and implement inclusion.

  • Program analysis and development
  • Personnel development and supervision
  • Special education process and procedure
  • How to prepare for a due process hearing
  • Transitioning and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Educational assessment and interpretation
Deanna Cash
Courts 332-F