For Educators and Students

Benefits to School Principals

At the Center, we are ready to help. If you are interested in working with the Center to provide a free parenting class, contact us.

The Center works with schools, based on their level of commitment, to offer parenting classes on site. If one of your teachers or your school counselor takes LC’s parenting class and/or offers to co-teach the class, the Center will serve your school as soon as possible. Schools need 8 - 12 parents to make a successful class.

A Program for Teachers and Counselors

Many professionals take Parent Education (Coun 635) as a degree requirement, for license renewal, or to complete their 60 hours toward becoming a licensed professional counselor. This is an experience-oriented class that allows each student to take the parenting course in class while co-teaching it in a local school. For more information, contact Dr. Jeanne Booth.

Educational Advancement

The Center’s focus on educational advancement results in collaboration with local schools and the community to enhance educational programs with a particular focus on specialized instruction and curriculum. Initiatives include diversity training and classroom management, faculty-student research, outreach programs, and collaborative college-school projects.

Center for Family Studies and Educational Advancement Scholarship Program

Each year the Center through the Office of Graduate Studies and Community Advancement offers partial scholarship support to graduate students who are pursuing their MEd and who participate in the Center’s parent education program. For more information, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 434.544.8383 or