Access to and Security of Campus Facilities

Lynchburg College is located in a quiet but thriving city of approximately 68,000 residents. As in any city, threats can arise from people and circumstances external to the College. Remember that the campus is accessible by foot from any direction at any time. While nearby off-campus areas may seem like extensions of the campus, they may not be as secure - especially at night.

College buildings (except residential facilities) are unlocked and open to students, employees, contractors, visitors, and guests Monday-Friday, including nighttime class and event times. Campus grounds and facilities are frequently and freely accessed by members of the general public attending athletic competitions, presentations, and other events.

In general, College academic buildings and administrative office areas are locked after classes or daily usage hours end. Non-residential facilities may be open for authorized purposes, such as presentations and performances, academic projects, and meetings of campus organizations.

Residence Halls

All residence halls (Freer, Hundley, McWane, Montgomery, Shackelford, and Tate Halls) and Peaksview Hall apartments are locked 24 hours per day.

From 10 a.m. to midnight, all undergraduate students' ID cards allow them access to all residence halls and to Peaksview Hall. After midnight, only residents of a particular building may access that building using their ID cards. College Policy stipulates that a visitor who is not a resident of the building must be admitted and escorted by a building resident. During Thanksgiving, winter, spring, and summer breaks, all student ID cards are deactivated, unless special permission for residential access is given by the Office of Residence Life.

Other College housing (Courts apartments, houses, and townhouses) is locked and unlocked via keys issued to the assigned residents.

Members of the College community and guests may visit students in College housing in accordance with the College's visitation policy.