Appeal a Grade

Faculty members and instructors use their discretion in establishing course goals and assessment criteria, and making decisions about the student's accomplishments according to those criteria. Thus, except in unusual circumstances, an instructor's decision about a grade is not overruled. You may, of course, request that your instructor review a grade for any required work in a course.

If you believe that your final grade is in error, you should first discuss the matter with your instructor.

If you do not persuade your instructor, you may submit a written appeal to the dean of the School by which the course is offered (according to the catalog) within three weeks after the grade notifications are provided by the Registrar's Office.

The School dean will, in turn, designate a review committee. The committee's recommendation will be forwarded to the dean of the College who will notify the instructor and the student, in writing, of the decision. Other than the course instructor, only the dean of the College may change a grade. (Detailed procedures are available from School deans and the Office of the Dean of the College.)