Verbs: Practice

As we have already observed in Verbs, verbs are relatively easy to use. Below are some exercises on verbs that you can perform on your own.

  1. Write three sentences in past tense using a verb and an object. Identify whether or not the verb is regular and whether or not it is transitive.

  2. Write three sentences using a past participle as the main action of the sentence. Identify whether the verb is regular or irregular.

  3. Write a short (4-5 sentences) paragraph using one tense (choose from present, present participle, past, past participle).  Identify in parentheses which verbs are regular or irregular with an "R" or "I," which are transitive or intransitive with a"T" or "N."

You can also print this page with your sentences as a reminder of your progress. Please remember that anything you type past the text box boundaries will not print.

Created by Robert Ward