All verbs have five forms except the verb to be, which has eight. Here are the five forms using the verbs to help and the irregular verb to give:

  1. Base form: help, give
  2. Past tense: helped, gave
  3. Past participle: helped, given
  4. Present participle: helping, giving
  5. Present tense, 3rd person singular (-s form): helps, gives

Other verb forms include:

  • Perfect tense: have, has + past participle
  • Past Perfect: had + past participle
  • Progressive: form of to be + present participle
    *Some verbs in the English language, like verbs that are a state of being or of mental action, are not used in the progressive form.
  • Passive voice: form of to be + past participle
  • Verb + gerund (used as noun and ending in -ing), or infinitive (to + verb)
  • Phrasal verb(two-word verb): cannot be understood literally, but expresses idiomatic meaning.

Write a sentence for each of the 5 basic verb forms.


  1. Base Form: Did you shop at the mall yesterday?
  2. Past Tense: I shopped at the mall yesterday.
  3. Past Participle: I have shopped at the mall yesterday.
  4. Present Particlple: I am shopping at the mall today.
  5. Present tense: Who shops at the mall today?

Created by Dana Jones