Using Outlines to Organize

Here is a system of setting up an outline, in preparation for writing essay on vegetarianism, as illustrated by Shana Scudder.

I. Introduction

A) Thesis Statement -- Even though meat tastes good, we should avoid it as much as we can because we can survive just as well on vegetable by-products without killing animals.

B) Brief Overview of Ideas Contained in Paper:

1. my own experience with vegetarianism

2. reasons for being a vegetarian

II. Idea #1 -- animal suffering

A) Point A -- the conditions dairy cows have to endure

1. cramped conditions

2. sleeping in waste

B) Point B -- how chickens are killed

1. lined up and throats slit

2. don't die immediately

C) Point C -- animals can sense pain

1. nerves & brain

2. my conscience

III. Idea #2 -- difficulties of vegetarianism

A) Point A -- my attempt at veganism

1. definition

B) Point B -- my cravings for meat & dairy

1. my favorite foods

C) Point C -- giving in

1. the craving

2. the decision

IV. Idea #3 -- why people eat meat

A) Point A -- taste

B) Point B -- vitamin and mineral content

1. concentration of

2. cravings for

C) Point C -- religious

1. Jesus did it

2. Biblical times

V. Conclusion

A) restatement of thesis -- Being a vegetarian is hard, but it is well worth the effort.

B) brief overview of ideas contained in paper

1. my own weakness

2. cruel treatment of animals

At this point, the paper is virtually written. All I have to do is piece my outline together into complete sentences. Here is the result:

Created by Shana Scudder