Subject-Verb Agreement

The form of a verb has to fit grammatically with the subject.


  • She has to go to the doctor.
  • He sees his mother standing there.
  • Are you going to school tomorrow?

Noun-Pronoun Agreement

The pronoun form must agree with the noun.


  • Sally went to the store, and she bought bread.
  • My brother and I are going sailing because we think it is fun.
  • The girls on the soccer team are going to North Carolina because they won the District title.

Sentence Revision Practice

Correct the following sentences. Ask your tutor to check your work.

  1. Several students as well as non-students was invited to the speaker in the ballroom.
  2. There come a time when we need to grow up and be on our own.
  3. My sister appear to be doing okay.
  4. There is a few things that I want you to work on.
  5. There are a lot of rivers that empties out into the ocean.

Writing Practice

Write a paragraph. Be sure that all of the subjects and verbs in the sentences agree. Ask your tutor to check your work.

See additional information on Subject-Verb Agreement.

Created by Dana Jones