About the Writing Center

The Writing Center is a place where all Lynchburg College students, faculty, and staff can come to improve their writing skills through a broad range of tutorial services. Tutors assist with remedial to advanced levels of writing in all fields.

The Center is equipped with six computers with a range of software applications. Reference books and writing texts are also available.

Who can use it?

All students can receive assistance in writing papers for all courses.

International students can receive help mastering the conventions of standard written English grammar and usage.

Who will help me?

Tutors are current students who are carefully chosen for their ability to write and communicate with others.

They are trained to assist at all stages of the writing process (planning, organizing, revising, and final editing), and their goal is to teach you to take charge of your writing and produce clear and effective prose.

What services are provided?

  • Tutors can get you started and help you overcome the "blank page" terror - not knowing what to write or how to begin.
  • Tutors can teach you how to plan, draft, revise, edit, and correct your own grammar and spelling.
  • Sequenced tutorials can help you review areas of grammar and usage as applied to written prose.

But ...

  • Tutors can't guarantee improved grades! They can teach you to revise your own writing.
  • Tutors don't offer a quick fix! They do help, but you are expected to do your own checking and editing.
  • Tutors can't be a last-minute solution! Tutors are not expected to work overtime if you arrive shortly before closing time.

Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are preferred. Call ext. 8279 for an appointment, or schedule online.

Due to heavy demand just before midterm and final exams, appointments cannot always be guaranteed. Make appointments well in advance.

If tutors are not already busy with students who made appointments, they will meet with students on a walk-in basis.

What materials should I bring?

Bring a completed paper for review, a started paper, a pile of notes, or just plain panic! Be sure to bring a copy of your professor's assignment sheet or syllabus and your reading materials. If you plan to use our computers, please save your paper to your P drive in order to access it in the Writing Center.

How do I become a tutor?

Students with strong writing skills and a minimum GPA of 3.0 can work as Writing Center tutors. Most tutors are paid through the work/study program; however, a few tutors earn academic credit for their work in the Writing Center.

Tutors may specialize in writing requirements across the curriculum or in a specific academic discipline.

For more information, contact Jeremy Bryant at ext. 8588.

What do students say about the Writing Center?

  • "The Writing Center should be one of the first places a student visits. It will make college life much easier."
  • "The encouragement and advice from a peer was extremely helpful."
  • "Tutors were patient and helped me step by step."
  • "Tutors made me much more confident about my papers."

Faculty members like us, too.

  • "Students in our classes give the Writing Center rave reviews."
  • "This is a wonderful and critically important service."