LC & CVCC Dual Admission FAQs

1. Who is eligible to apply?

A qualified student must have completed or be in process of completing a high school diploma or GED. An eligible student will not have completed any college credits after completing their high school diploma. Qualified students must also have been admitted into either the associate of arts and sciences (AA&S) or the associate of science (AS) degree in order to be considered for dual enrollment at LC.

2. What is the deadline to apply?

Students must apply to Lynchburg College and be admitted to the LC-CVCC dual enrollment program in order to take classes at Lynchburg College. August 1 is the deadline for fall semester enrollment and December 1 is the deadline for spring semester enrollment.

3. How many classes can a student take at Lynchburg College?

Central Virginia Community College students admitted to this program may take one course per semester at Lynchburg College (summer sessions are not included). Students may enroll in pre-requisite or gateway courses for their major or one other course of their choosing provided that space is available in the class, and that the pre-requisites for that course have been satisfactorily completed.  

4. Will the classes taken at Lynchburg College go towards the completion of an associate’s degree at Central Virginia Community College?

Credits for any courses successfully completed at LC will transfer back to CVCC and be applied to the students’ associate degree requirements.

5. How much does it cost to take the one course a semester at Lynchburg College?

Students do not pay Lynchburg College for any classes taken through the LC -CVCC Dual Admissions agreement. Students will pay the tuition charges for each enrolled course, at CVCC rates, to CVCC.

6. Will students be eligible for transfer scholarships after completion of their associate degree from CVCC? 

Students who participate in this Agreement will be eligible to be considered for Lynchburg College scholarships designated for transfer students and will be able to participate in the transfer scholarship competition. Students will need to submit their final transcripts from CVCC to be eligible for any scholarships.

7. Can CVCC students participate in student activities at LC?

Students can participate in programs and activities offered by the Office of Student Activities at LC. Students can enjoy intramural, club sports, the Outdoor Leadership Program, concerts, and comedians. Students cannot participate in fraternities/sororities, student government, varsity sports, or use the Campus Fitness Center.

8. Who should I contact for more information at Lynchburg College?

For questions about the application process, please contact Sharon Walters-Bower at  or by phone at 434-544-8300.

9. How will I register for classes?

After being accepted into the dual admissions program you will receive additional information from Academic and Career Services in regards to register for classes and orientation.  For questions about registering for classes and orientation, please contact Jonathan Fries at or by phone at 434-544-8339.

10. Does LC offer an evening program or distance learning?

The College does not offer an evening degree program or distance learning. The majority of classes are offered during regular weekday hours on the LC campus.