Housing for International Students

Lynchburg College guarantees 4 years of housing to all of its students.

During the freshman (first) year, all students must live in a residential dorm on campus. After the freshman year, we offer many other options for our students, including townhouses, apartments, and houses which are adjacent to the campus. All of these housing options are owned and operated by the College.

International House

The International House is a residence available for international students. It serves as a multicultural living environment and is available by application. We prefer that all students have at least one year of experience in the traditional residence before living in the International House.

Staying on Campus During Breaks and Holidays

International students tend to stay on campus during all breaks except winter break, when the entire campus is closed.

Students are generally only allowed to stay on campus during the summer if they are working and/or taking classes during that time. However, we realize that it is not feasible for all students to travel home, so the International House serves as a housing option for international students for the summer on a first-come, first-served basis.