High School Students with Advanced Credits

For High School Students with Early College and Advanced Credits

The nursing major at Lynchburg College is a carefully structured four-year program.

Students with early college or advanced credits are encouraged to choose a minor, which will enhance their opportunities for advancement in the field after they graduate.

Although a four-year program is required, students with early college or advanced credits do not need to take the 31 credit hours each year required for graduation during their four-year program and may opt for a lighter course load in especially challenging semesters (although they must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours to retain full-time status.) This will allow the student to be more fully engaged in major-related volunteer or service activities, as well as providing additional time to prepare for demanding classes.

High school students who are considering enrollment in early college or advanced credits and who plan to enroll in LC's nursing program are encouraged to speak with an admissions counselor or representative of the nursing program at Lynchburg College to determine if this enrollment will enhance their progress in the nursing major at LC.