Academic Credit Evaluations for Transfer & Access Students

To assist you in planning, unofficial academic credit evaluations are available upon request with the Office of Enrollment Services. You will need to provide an unofficial copy of your transcript in order for our transfer coordinator to evaluate your courses.

The registrar's office will complete an official credit evaluation after you are admitted. You should receive this evaluation within 2 weeks of your acceptance.

Upon completion of all coursework in progress, please request to have the final transcript(s) mailed to Lynchburg College so that we may update your credit evaluation.

You must earn a grade of "C" or higher in a course in order to transfer the credits to Lynchburg College. A grade of "C-" will not transfer.

A maximum of 76 credit hours may be transferred to Lynchburg College and a minimum of 48 credit hours must be completed at LC. You must complete 50% of the major and 50% of the minor requirements at LC. You must complete your senior year (the last 33 semester hours) at LC.

Class Standing

Once the transfer credit evaluation is complete, your student classification will be determined solely by the number of transferrable credits. The number of semesters completed at previous institutions does not determine your class standing.

Freshman: 0-24 transferrable credit hours
Sophomore: 25-55 transferrable credit hours
Junior: 56-76 transferrable credit hours