Before You Leave and Return

Before You Leave Campus

Leave of absence

Students who plan to study abroad for a full semester (fall or spring) must apply for a leave of absence from Lynchburg College.

Financial aid

Your financial aid may be affected in various ways by your leave of absence for semester programs, depending on the length of your leave, the reason for it, and the type of leave you have.

Any Lynchburg College financial aid does not travel with you. There are a number of loans and scholarships available for financial aid, including scholarships from study abroad service providers, or through other accredited institution.

Contact the Financial Aid Office (544.8228) if you receive financial aid of any kind. A financial aid officer will tell you about re-applying for aid when you return to Lynchburg College, about notifying lenders of any student loans you may have, and other information pertinent to your financial aid.

It is essential that you take care of this to ensure a smooth return to the College.

Course approval

Students taking a leave of absence to study abroad need to have all courses to be taken abroad approved prior to leaving Lynchburg College. Upon return, students will earn transfer credits for their coursework provided they receive a letter grade of "C" or better in their classes.

Registration for the semester you will be returning

Registration and pre-registration materials are sent to all students on Leave of Absence prior to the semester in which they plan to re-enroll.

Plan your academic schedule for the semester following your return from study abroad. Have your advisor review this schedule with you in advance of your departure for study abroad.

If you have questions or do not receive registration materials, contact the Registrar's Office (544.8218).

Before You Return to LC


Approximately 2 months, but not later than 1 month before you are scheduled to return to LC, you should contact the Office of Residence Life in writing to arrange a housing assignment. They will send you a Room Preference form, which should be completed and returned immediately. You will receive confirmation of your room assignment approximately 1-2 weeks before the semester is to begin.

If you intend to apply for off-campus housing approval, you should contact the Associate Dean of Students, Carole Furter (544.8225), according to the same schedule. You will need to clear your eligibility for off-campus living with that office, and complete the necessary forms and applications.

Enrollment deposit

In February, you will receive information concerning your enrollment deposit payment, which is required for continued enrollment. This fee ($600 for on-campus residents, $200 for off-campus residents) is a required payment each spring to receive enrollment, housing, financial aid, and course registration for the upcoming academic year.

If you have any questions or if you do not receive a bill for the enrollment deposit, contact the Business Office (544.8213).