Study Abroad Planning

Questions to ask yourself...before you study abroad.

The questions below should help you narrow your options and select the ideal study abroad program for you.

Be sure to also talk about your study abroad plans with your academic advisor and professors.

  1. What are your academic/professional goals for a study abroad experience?
  2. What is your major and which programs best meet your major requirements?
  3. What is your cumulative grade point average? What is your average in your major? What are the G.P.A. requirements of the programs you are interested in?
  4. What foreign languages do you speak? What is the level of your fluency?
  5. Would you prefer to be taught in English or in a second language?
  6. Would you prefer to study abroad for a short term (spring break, summer courses), the entire summer, one semester, or a full academic year?
  7. Would you prefer to be in a structured program or do you want to be fairly independent?
  8. Will you benefit most by taking general education requirements, electives, major subjects, an internship, or a mixture of these courses?
  9. Is the program accredited by Lynchburg College? Are the credits you will earn transferable to Lynchburg College?
  10. What knowledge do you have of the people and culture of the country you are interested in traveling to? What do you know of their customs, history, politics, religion, economy? How can you learn more?
  11. Would you prefer to live with a host family, in a dorm, or in an apartment?
  12. What has been the extent of your previous trips abroad? If this is your first trip abroad, how can you best prepare yourself in advance?
  13. Would you prefer to study primarily with other Americans or would you prefer to be with a more international group?
  14. What classes should you take at LC to best prepare for the courses you take abroad? What cross-cultural activities can you become involved in at LC before you go abroad?
Charlotte with host family

Charlotte Arbogast '10 spent a semester of study in Salamanca, Spain, where she lived with a host family and took classes all in Spanish at the University of Salamanca.

This program was a good option for Charlotte since she had a minor in Spanish and wanted to improve her language skills. Charlotte is pictured here with her host family.