South Korea - Summer 2014

COMM 377 Intercultural Communication - Hosted by Hannam University

Immerse yourself in an exciting culture and way of life by participating in the Korea Summer Studies Program (KSSP) at LC’s sister school, Hannam University! 

Living arrangements at Hannam University will give you the opportunity to interact with students from around the world and make friendships that last a lifetime.  Coursework includes Korean culture, architecture, cinema, society, and language, which provide an excellent introduction to life in Korea. This experience paves the way for learning more about the world and your place in it. 

With an emphasis on intercultural communication, students begin to understand culture as a primary context for human relations. Class sessions provide an overview of communication variables affecting culture and ways to foster and encourage effective interaction among cultures. The “buddy system”, a highlight of the KSSP, connects LC students with Hannam students who introduce their international friends to Korean life and culture through activities such as pottery-making, karaoke night, Taekwondo lessons, visits to a Buddhist temple, sampling the local cuisine.

This amazing experience concludes with a two-day excursion to Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The intentional combination of the coursework, accommodations, excursions, and the student “buddy system” truly allow students the opportunity to not simply learn about a culture, but to experience it, and return with a deeper appreciation of culture and understanding of intercultural communication.

Watch a video about this program!

Dr. Terri Cornwell,