Peru - Summer 2014

Peru fascinates its visitors with its rich natural and cultural treasures.  Experience the cultural heritage, history, and media of Peru on this summer study abroad program!

Students will enjoy Peruvian cuisine, traditions, and modern culture, and learning will come alive as you visit archeological locations (Machu Picchu), museums, media industries, & cultural sites.  Explore the dynamic capital city - Lima, and the UNESCO world heritage site - Machu Picchu, and the Andes Mountains.  There are thousands of reasons to go to this great destination; enroll in this amazing program and discover them for yourself.

Courses (cross-listed at Lynchburg College and Randolph College):

HIST 377

In this course, students will survey Peruvian history, culture, economics, gender, and national identity through a combination of pre-departure on-campus seminars as well as explore the varied landscape of the country with in-country visits to Lima and Cuzco. Experience the history, culture, and media of Peru first-hand with visits to the legendary archeological location of Machu Picchu, as well as museums, media industries, and other cultural sites.

This unique combination of class time, in-country cultural excursions, service learning placements, a Peruvian culinary activity, and basic conversational Spanish instruction, students will gain a keen perspective to the many facets of Peruvian life.

Dr. Nikki Sanders,


Students will experience the media of Peru with visits to national media industries, such as a film studio, a television network, an advertising company, and a national newspaper. We will learn about the local and global economics of media institutions, the work of media professionals, as well as the cultural dimensions of gender, race, ethnicity, social class, national politics, and cultural identity.Historical context for Peru’s national media and culture will be explored through visits to archeological locations, such as Machu Picchu, as well as museums and other cultural sites in Lima and Cuzco.

Dr. Chad Beck (Randolph College),