You should always consult the program handbook for complete details about completing the program's requirements.

What are the benefits of the program?

The Global Awareness Program is a great way to maximize your international education by combining coursework, experiential learning, and co-curricular activities. You'll gain the knowledge and skills valued by future employers.

Do I have to study abroad in order to complete the program?

No. While a study abroad experience is strongly encouraged, it is not required to complete the program. You can earn the 50 points to complete their co-curricular requirements in a variety of ways, like participation in the European Union Simulation, living in the LC International House, volunteer work, or involvement in campus organizations.

Experiential Learning Grants (ELGs) are available for LC study abroad programs in the winter and summer terms. Students may also apply for financial aid. Scholarships are available for some programs.

Do I have to be a history, international relations, or foreign language major to join the program?

No. The Global Awareness Program is open to students from all academic disciplines. Through careful planning and course selection, you can complete the program's curricular requirements. Some program classes fulfill general education requirements, and you may also count relevant courses towards your major or minor.

How do I find out about activities, events, and performances on campus that count towards program completion?

At the beginning of each semester The Global Awareness Program coordinators will send you a list of campus activities, events, and performances that count towards program completion. This information will also be available on Moodle.

You may also attend off-campus activities, events, and performances, but they must be approved by the program coordinators to count towards program completion.

Will the Global Awareness Program appear on my transcript or diploma?

No. The Global Awareness Program is not an academic minor, and, therefore, will not appear on your transcript or diploma. You will receive a certificate and portfolio outlining your accomplishments upon completion of the program.

Are there any costs or fees for joining the program?

No, there are no fees for joining the program. However, you must cover any costs of activities you choose to complete the program. For example, you must cover the cost of your participation in a study abroad experience.

Experiential Learning Grants will help you cover tuition costs for study abroad, internships, and faculty-student research. Students interested in study abroad are strongly encouraged to apply for scholarships.

How do I apply for the program?

Applications for the program are available online and are due early each semester. Pay attention to campus announcements!