Europe - Summer 2014

Photo by Ted LaMotta '14, Nuremberg

POLI 377N and ENGL 377Y - How Wars End

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to journey through Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and France as part of this summer study abroad program.

Discussions and meetings with local experts will augment the literature that presents the attitudes of the British, French, German, Russian, and American people in these major conflicts.

This approach will offer varied perspectives and shed light on the factors that are likely to bring a war to a satisfactory end. Site visits include the Normandy D-Day landing beaches, the palace at Versailles where the treaty officially ending WWI was signed, the Nuremberg Nazi Rally Grounds, Schindler’s Factory, and Auschwitz among other key sites, museums, and memorials associated with WWI, WWII, and the Cold War.  These excursions offer an impactful way to not only read about history, but to encounter its remnants and explore first-hand the implications on the local and global society!

Dr. David Lipani,
Dr. Dan Lang,