China - Summer 2014

Invest fifteen days this summer exploring China, the world’s fastest growing economy with a dynamic society and increasingly influential government. Coursework focused on the politics, economics, history, and gender roles of contemporary globalized China will come to life as you get immersed in Chinese culture and interact with local students at Guangxi Normal University.  The program offers students the opportunity to explore Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, tour the Ancient Hutong District, visit the Great Wall of China, and concludes with a tour of Shanghai – China’s economic capital. 

Students will earn six credits by enrolling in the following linked courses:

ENGL 377 Fiery Dragon: Politics, Gender and Culture - China

This course, linked with INTL 377, will offer students a comprehensive understanding of gender and women's roles in China through literature written by Chinese and Chinese-American authors.  Students in this linked course will learn in an interdisciplinary, collaborative setting, which will allow them to more fully understand the historical, political and social contexts in which the literature was written.

INTL 377: Fiery Dragon: Literature, Culture and Gender in China

With a focus on the politics, economics and history of contemporary “globalized” China, this course is linked through common themes and sub-themes of gender and significant epochs to the course on Literature and Culture (ENGL 202). To examine China’s identity and influence historically and cross-culturally across specific chronological eras, coursework will begin with the contemporary Chinese diaspora in the US and then trace the footprints of politics, history and heritage of this diaspora’s original “homeland” – China.  This course will explore the evolving dynamics of relationships: a) within China, b) between China and the US; and c) between China and its regional neighbors keeping in mind the realities of gender, ethnicity, and class.

Dr. Sabita Manian,
Dr. Beth Savage,